Decisions form the backbone of every firm’s operation. Yet so many times, even significant decisions are left to chance, impulse and other forces that distort effective problem solving. Let Common Sense Enterprises help you measurably improve your firm’s daily decision making.

We offer solutions that are simple to implement and based on the research we conduct through pre-program assessments and interviews with your key leaders. We deliver engaging programs that have received rave reviews for their effectiveness.

With a new generation of technology-dependent contributors entering your workplace, now is the time to teach your managers how to drive day-today decision improvement in all aspects of your business. Contact us for a free thirty-minute consultation and let us show you how.

Building Tomorrow’s Generation of Workplace Problem Solvers

Are s-l-o-w decisions and flawed thinking costing your firm time, money and market share? Are distractions, information overload and digital dependence draining workplace productivity? Then turn your team into DecisioNinjas – people who think fast, act decisively and inspire others to do the same. Join Bob Wendover, author of the award-winning book, Figure It Out for this engaging and practical session.

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Book Smart to Work Smart: Teaching New Professionals How to Think on the Job

They’ve become the largest generation in today’s workplace. But many new professionals struggle to make the transition from school to work. Even after years of formal education, more than half of employers say they still the lack critical thinking skills necessary to produce results on the job. So how do you bridge the gap between tests and term papers and the problem solving and productivity they need to work for you? Based on the hundreds of interviews he’s conducted over the past decade, award-winning author and researcher, Bob Wendover will share the principles, strategies and tactics of how effective leaders overcome this school-to-work gap.

Attend this entertaining but practical session and find out how to get these emerging contributors to perform productively and independently from day one. Then join in a discussion with those in the room about how you can implement these ideas immediately upon your return to the workplace. Better decisions mean better results and today’s new professionals are critical to that equation.

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Figure It Out! Making Smart Decisions in a Dumbed-Down World

How well do you battle the distractions that sap your time and ability to make the best decisions? What will smart decision making look like in the future? We all face endless distractions, unreasonable demands, and a dependence on menu-driven software. Is it any wonder we are becoming more shallow in our thinking? Based on Bob Wendover’s award-winning book, Figure It Out!, discover how successful decision makers solve problems in today’s complicated, yet dumbed-down world. Join Bob for an entertaining, high energy, and interactive keynote that will help you battle the forces of distraction and shallow thinking and improve your daily results.

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