Generational differences … They’re not going away. As Generation Z, iGen or whatever they will be called enters the workplace, the dynamics will change once again. But there are proven solutions for fostering effective communication and collaboration without picking sides.

Beginning with a program entitled From Ricky and Lucy to Beavis and Butthead more than twenty-five years ago, Common Sense Enterprises has helped thousands of managers develop and implement tactics for integrating, managing and retaining the emerging generations in today’s workforce. We can do the same for you. Contact us for a free thirty-minute consultation and let us show you how.

Whatever! Managing the Generational Divide in Today’s Digital Workplace

We all know about the generations in the workplace. The Boomers are hanging around. The Millennials are pushing hard to advance. The Xers are squeezed in between. The generational transition is here to stay, but what can you do to manage them today? This entertaining and interactive session shows you how top workplaces foster engagement and enhance productivity among those from different generational groups. Loaded with practical examples of how to manage a cross-generational team, you’ll walk away with simple but powerful strategies for integrating the most diverse workforce the nation has ever seen. (See more detail in the pdf below.)

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The Sandwich Manager – Simple Solutions for Supervising Those 17 to 70

If you supervise older and younger workers at the same time, you’re a sandwich manager. With the historic situation of having four – soon to be five – generations in the workplace, sandwich managing adds a new layer of complexity, and heartburn, to many management jobs. How do you deal with the entrenched, but antiquated, practices of veteran contributors? How do you balance the fine line between impatient newcomers and those not ready to be pushed out? How can you negotiate between the enthusiastic desires of those in their 20s and the careful deliberation of veteran contributors? Filled with stories and practical examples from those in the field, you’ll walk away from this session with the insights you need to successfully navigate between the age groups in your workplace and engage them at the same time. (See more detail in the pdf below.)

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Business to Business Selling and the Emerging Generations

Business-to-business selling is being transformed by the emerging generations. With billions in purchasing power and access to boundary-less information, these young consumers have shopped from an early age. Now they are applying this savvy to the business marketplace. Possessing technology, impatience, and an expectation of 24/7/365 convenience, they are challenging most current marketing conventions. They make faster buying decisions and expect you to anticipate their needs even before they know they have them. How will you tailor products and programs to the mindset of these fickle and demanding young buyers? Walk away from this session with a passel of proven strategies for connecting with this new generation of buyers. (See more detail in the pdf below.)

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