Work Wise: Improving Performance in Today’s Driven, Demanding and Distracting Workplace

What is today’s decision skills gap doing to your firm’s performance? Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman has called the deficit of critical thinking in today’s workplace “an invisible tax on the bottom line.” Let award-winning author and speaker, Bob Wendover, show you how the best managers are overcoming this challenge. Based on interviews with more than 3000 business leaders and owners, Bob reveals the three elements the best managers employ to improve the quality of day-to-day performance. Work Wise will teach you the practical strategies for getting those you supervise to think fast, act decisively and inspire others to do the same. With a new generation of distracted, impatient, and technology-dependent professionals entering the workplace, now is the time to drive day-to-day performance improvement in measurable ways. Join us for this engaging and practical session and walk away with the tools to compel those around you to “work wise” on the job. (See more detail in the brochure below.)

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Overcoming Overwhelm: How the Best Decision Makers Beat Decision Fatigue

Decision Fatigue. That sinking feeling you get when the crush of choices, opt-ins, opt-outs, updates, deadlines, and endless interruptions have gotten the better of you. The fact is, today’s overwhelming number of daily choices are draining your brain of the energy it needs to make the best decisions. As a result, you take dumb shortcuts. You tweet without thinking. You splurge on the outfit that blows your budget. You let the dealer talk you into rustproofing your car. Or you simply stop making decisions all together to ease the mental strain and to avoid the chance of screwing up. Sound familiar?

Join Bob Wendover, award winning author of the forthcoming book, Overcoming Overwhelm, for this practical, uplifting, smart (and sometimes hilarious) session on how the best decision makers manage this daily chaos – and come away with their sanity intact. Walk away with the top three (out of 25) strategies that are guaranteed to beat this scourge of everyday business – Decision Fatigue.

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Figure It Out! Making Smart Decisions in a Dumbed-Down World

Do constant interruptions sap your time? Do you struggle to manage the endless menus and choices? Does discomfort fog your thinking when you’re making decisions? If you answered “yes,” this is the session for you. Let Bob Wendover show you what effective decision makers do to manage the interruptions and pressures we all feel in navigating today’s crazy-busy workplace.

Based on the three principles from his award-winning book, Figure It Out!, Bob will teach you how to identify the sources of distraction and eliminate them. You’ll learn how to emulate the best problem solvers in any workplace and adopt their tactics. Bob will teach you what successful decision makers do to master the process of calculated risk. You’ll discover why understanding the context of any decision is the key to taking the best action.

Bob will get you thinking like top decision makers – those who act decisively, employ their intuition, and become the contributors others emulate. By the way, the best decision makers don’t work long hours. They sleep well at night too. Defeat the demons of distraction. Battle the forces of frustration. Overcome the obstacles that thwart effective problem solving. Improve your decisions at work, at home and everywhere else. Attend this high-energy session and let Bob show you how. (See more detail in the pdf below.)

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