Baby Boomers retiring. Millennials lacking skills. Increasingly diverse applicants. Recruitment moving to a totally digital environment. This is not your father’s / workforce. Since publishing Smart Hiring in 1988, Bob Wendover has been teaching employers how to navigate these evolving challenges. After all, every hire is a commitment worth tens of thousands of dollars. His philosophy has always been simple – Recruit and hire the right people and retention and performance will take care of themselves. Of course recruitment and retention are not the only elements in this equation. Succession planning and knowledge transfer have become essential considerations. Let our team teach you and your team how to leverage the workforce you have and implement a successful transition as your people evolve. Contact us for a free thirty-minute consultation to find out how.

Recruiting and Retaining Today’s Top Talent

How do you find and keep the best in today’s competitive marketplace? Top talent is contractually-oriented, knows their worth and is looking for more than just the biggest paycheck. This practical and results-oriented session will provide you with the tools and strategies for identifying, attracting, recruiting and retaining the top producers in your industry. After 25 years and five books on the subject, Bob Wendover has it down to a science. Let him show you how to boost productivity and the bottom line through smart hiring.

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Succession Planning and the Emerging Generations

How will the young generations of today emerge as the leaders of tomorrow? As the Baby Boomers continue to retire, they are being replaced by a cohort that has a radically different take on leadership. Succession Planning and the New Generations is a unique program focused on how your organization can ensure tomorrow’s success by integrating the aspirations of emerging leaders with the wisdom of veteran managers. Based on extensive research and interviews, this program reveals the values and expectations of those who will assume responsibility in your organization. Like it or not, they will be our leaders of tomorrow and have more to offer than you might imagine.

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Knowledge Transfer and the Emerging Generations

What would you do if they all left with what they know? This decade is seeing a tremendous outmigration of business experience. So how do you capture and transfer this knowledge to the emerging generations? How can you do this in a way that connects with the entertainment expectations of these digitally focused young contributors? This session teaches you the basics of knowledge transfer, including how to get staff invested in the process. Learn strategies for gathering and organizing the knowledge possessed by your veteran contributors. Discover simple and cost‐effective ways to deliver these insights to media‐dependent young workers. Learn what leading organizations are doing to foster knowledge transfer successfully within their firms.

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