In-Store Insights: Timeless Principles for Managing Retail Employees

In-Store Insights: Timeless Principles for Managing Retail Employees


Let’s get right to the point. Managing people is the hardest part of any job. In retail, it’s most of what you do. You want solutions to these challenges, not philosophy. Good! In-Store Insights: Timeless Principles for Managing Retail Associates and Why You Need Them Now More Than Ever Before is a compilation straightforward chapters on how to get the job done. This provides a quick reference for new managers and a reminder for retail veterans on how to take the people management of your store to the next level.

Get simple, direct wisdom from those who do it best. Buy this book and you will learn:

  • Why managing by outcome instead of task builds trust, productivity and the bottom line . . . and the steps for doing it.
  • How to deal successfully with the “dress code dilemma” . . . without creating an insurrection among young staffers.
  • How to tame the chronic tardiness tiger.
  • Why supervising according to corporate values, instead of personal values, will save you time, money and heartburn . . . and the four-step process for creating these expectations.
  • Why seniors can be the key to your recruiting woes . . . and how to consistently attract the best ones.
  • Why “Help Wanted” doesn’t work . . . and how to insert “values messages” into your recruiting efforts increasing the suitability of those you attract.
  • How to secret shop your recruiting process . . . and discover the subtle actions that may be undermining your efforts.
  • Four proven strategies for putting excitement into your employee referral program . . . and reaping the rewards of better applicants. (You do have an employee referral program, don’t you?)
  • How to interview by walking around . . . and learn so much more about each applicant in the process.
  • How to make retail the career of choice for your associates . . . and benefit from the rise of emerging managers and leaders.
  • How to make your positions more than just a default for every unemployed local . . . and see your bottom line increase significantly.
  • The six secrets to a successful orientation . . . that can increase retention measurably over the next 30 days.
  • Five strategies for winning the competition for your employees’ “share of mind” . . . and keep them focused on your customers.
  • And much more.

The best managers never stop learning. How about YOU?