Motivating Millennials in Today’s Workplace

Motivating Millennials in Today’s Workplace


Motivating Millennials in Today’s Workplace helps you develop practical solutions for keeping Millennials focused  in the midst of all the distractions around them. Step away from the normal rush of business and focus on one specific task — engaging these productive yet distracted performers. Concentrate on the four key elements of building the engagement:

  • Helping others as a part of their career contribution.
  • Engagement on their terms, using their tools, and appealing to their priorities.
  • Gaining their understanding and acceptance of your compensation philosophy and how you can partner to increase profits, performance and pay.
  • Providing opportunity that demonstrates your commitment to timely career growth within the organization.

The program comes with everything you need to conduct comprehensive training and can be customized for sessions lasting 60-90 minutes.

You’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive facilitator’s guide
  • Five video clips that explain the essential principles
  • 10 case studies to foster group discussion.
  • A participant’s guide that reinforces the key points

Make it a lunch-n-learn. Schedule a staff training. Build it into a management meeting. This powerful resource will save you time, tension and turnover by helping you and your team focus on the strategies that count!