The Sandwich Manager Solution Series

The Sandwich Manager Solution Series


“How do I connect those who remember a time before computers? How about those who can’t function without their smart phones?”

“What’s the best way to bring the new hire up to speed? How do I re-engage the long-timer who has one foot in retirement?”

If you supervise diverse ages, then you are a sandwich manager. We’ve gathered the answers to the questions above and much more. The Sandwich Manager Solutions Series contains 52 case studies for managing age diversity in a productive and profitable way. Each scenario is based on a real situation we’ve encountered in the hundreds of organizations we’ve worked with over more than two decades.

These short tips get to the point . . . no philosophy, no nonsense, no rambling. Just three strategies from this e-book will provide you with the insight to help you tackle the common challenges that most sandwich managers face — before they happen! Download this
e-book. Read one study each day, and master the different perspectives and attitudes that each generation brings to the workplace.