Bob Wendover
Improve Business Outcomes
Bob Wendover
Boost the Bottom Line
Bob Wendover
Thru Smarter Daily Decisions

Improve the daily decision culture within your organization. Implement the strategies we’ve identified by interviewing more than 3000 corporate leaders, business owners and government executives. Better decisions bring better outcomes. Let us show you the way.​

The decision skills gap is “a hidden tax on the bottom line.”

Daniel Kahneman, Ph.D. – Nobel Laureate in Economics
1. How much of your creativity is lost because of “menu-driven thinking?”

2. How much of your time is wasted because of “decision deficit disorder?”

3. How much productivity does your team lose due to the drag of “decision fatigue.”

We have the solutions!


“Bob, you dazzled me before you even set foot at our event. Not only were you on time with the deliverables we asked for—you created marketing pieces that we used prior to the conference making our association look knowledgeable and in-the-know on your topic. This helped create buzz not only for your sessions but for our conference in general. If we could clone you in every topic—conference planning would have fewer headaches.”

Leigha Schatzman
Executive Director
Association for High Technology Distribution

“I can’t say enough about your professionalism and how you made the job of having a successful conference that much easier.”

Henry P. Bergson
National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association

“What an incredible opening to two great days of education and networking. You did what we asked…set the tone for a professional, yet fun conference. . .we wanted you to know how thankful we are to have made the choice to have YOU open the Management Conference! It was obvious that a great deal of thought and work went into making sure that your presentation was custom designed to our industry, our issues, and our opportunities. On behalf of our conference committee and staff, we thank you!”

Jeannie Grigg
Marketing and Membership Director
Society of Animal Welfare Advancement

“It was also wonderful to have a speaker who is able to combine such a wonderful balance of humor, facts and insight into one presentation. Those attending our officers college suggested immediately that we bring you back to the individual locations. I look forward to working with you again in the very near future. Congratulations on being a hit at McLane Company!”

Sandra Bushby
Director of Organizational Development
McLane Company

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What Makes Common Sense Enterprises Right for You?

Decision-making impacts every facet of workplace execution. We offer a holistic approach to improving the critical thinking and problem-solving culture, resulting in measurably better outcomes — from the C-suite to the front-line.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations enhance workplace outcomes over the past 32 years. Let us share with you what we’ve learned over this journey. It will be MORE than worth your investment of time and treasure. WE PROMISE!