Take the guesswork out of employee selection. Ensure better problem solving on the job

Interviews Don’t Work!

Screening for the Best Decision-Makers in Today’s Menu-Driven World

That sinking feeling you get when the crush of opt-ins, opt-outs, updates, pop-ups, and endless interruptions have gotten the better of you. Today’s overwhelming number of daily choices are draining your brain of the energy it needs to make the best decisions. As a result, you take dumb shortcuts. You tweet without thinking. You splurge on the outfit that blows your budget. You let the dealer talk you into rustproofing your car. Or you simply stop making decisions all together to ease the mental strain and to avoid the chance of screwing up. Sound familiar?
This session focuses on techniques for evaluating applicants in action. Whether it’s simulations, interviewing by walking around™, or a host of other creative tactics, Bob will show you how to detect whether the applicant you meet during screening will be the employee you can depend on throughout the year. Hiring just one professional can be as big a decision as purchasing your largest piece of equipment, signing a building lease, or launching a marketing campaign. So why not do it right?
What Others Are Saying
"Robert Wendover was excellent! I wish the presentation had continued through the newest generation but we ran out of time!"
CCRA Conference Attendee
"Meeting evaluations indicate that the five hundred and forty participants were very pleased with the quality and scope of continuing education they received."
Elissa Passiment
Executive Vice President
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
"The feedback that we received from your seminar attendees was very positive and everyone was delighted with your performance."
Anthony Trombetta
Education & Training Manager
ISSA-International Sanitary Supply Association, Inc.
"It was interesting, exciting and certainly informative! I had positive comments from the people attending all day long."
Pierrette E. Ray
Activities Director
Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.
“Bob spoke to our Young Executives and did a very nice job facilitating group discussion, interpreting body language, and feeling out the needs of the audience.”
Kim Fitzpatrick
Marketing Coordinator
Network Services Company
“Bob did an outstanding job at a generational workshop sponsored by the Laboratory Products Association. His information on the various workplace generations was on target and very insightful for our members.”
Clark Mulligan
Laboratory Products Association
"I know when a keynote speaker had the attention of the membership when I hear you quoted time after time during the remainder of the convention."
Donna R. Stollfuss
Executive Secretary
Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs
"There is no doubt that your presentation made a powerful impact on these highly qualified and motivated interns whose careers as potential future leaders are currently being molded."
Dorothy J. Anderson, PHD
Co-Chair Technical Career Field Steering Committee
US Department of Veterans Affairs
"Our convention attendees enjoyed learning about the differences between the four generations and how they as municipal leaders need to use communication techniques that work with each generational group."
Karen A. Lisky
Assistant Executive Director
Maryland Municipal League
"Your session received the highest rating of all the sessions at the conference. Your message made a tremendous impact on the attendees."
Rebecca (Becky) J. Dakin
Member Services & Education Manager
Association of Collegiate Conference Education Directors
“We needed to look at our Association from the outside and Bob gave us that ability. His approach of the generations was excellent. We laughed and learned all at the same time.”
Judy Garber
Executive Director
National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers
“Robert worked with our staff to develop a presentation that would the specific needs of our college. He was extremely easy to work with and I would highly recommend him to other institutions.”
Wendy Del Bello
Assistant to the President
Alvin Community College