Millennial-Style Goodbye to Apple

Collin O’Malley, a Millennial, recently resigned from his position as a service representative at an Apple store to move on to a new opportunity. Collin’s supervisor, rather than sending him off with a handshake and a smile, organized a good-bye celebration that  matched Collin’s six years of rock-star performance.                                            

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This event resonates well with many of those from the Millennial generation, and will help keep the store staffed with young recruits for several reasons:

The event demonstrates the company’s appreciation for good work.  Millennials are highly motivated by positive feedback and public recognition. Recognizing Collin in a way that was meaningful to him shows how much the company values and appreciates this young hire’s commitment and service to the organization.  

The activity showcases a fun and social work environment.  Those from the Millennial generation love to have fun at work and thrive on social interaction.  With all the high-fives, hugs and pats on the back, this celebration displayed the camaraderie among the staff as well as their ability to relax and have fun with each other at work.  

This send-off improves morale.  Imagine how the laughing, clapping and cheers affected all of those watching — especially the boy in the red hoodie.  Witnesses will talk to their friends and family about the experience for years to come.  Better yet is that the celebration took less than two minutes to implement,  but will leave a lasting impression on those who participated in the event. 

Sometimes the best way to recruit talented and young motivated employees into your organization is to be mindful of how you treat those that leave your organization.   


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