Is “Common Core Thinking” Killing Your Productivity?: Tuesday Morning Memo Jan 6 2015

I wrote in the last issue about my concerns with the Common Core curriculum being implemented throughout public education.Will students be learning the rules of critical thinking or learning to think critically? You might wonder the same thing about your business. Have your people been conditioned to do exactly what they’re told or think things through when the task and the rules don’t match?

How to Think Critically or Thinking Critically?: Tuesday Morning Memo Dec 2 2014

I have wondered with increasing concern about the Common Core curriculum being implemented across the US. We are living in an environment where measurement seems to outweigh effectiveness. In other words, will schools be teaching students how to think critically rather than compelling them to think critically? The difference between these two is vast. One requires memorization, the other synthesis. Sadly, policymakers’ impatience to show legislative progress doesn’t allow for the time required to foster critical thinking skills during classes.