Deanna is my hair stylist. She is a sweet twenty-something who sometimes overshares as she gives me a trim. Last week, she and another colleague were going back and forth about how to raise $4000. Ask friends? Create a go-fund-me campaign? Beg your parents for a loan? My curiosity got the better of me and asked what the $4000 was for.

“Oh,” said Deanna. “It’s for my cat. He broke his leg and the vet wants four grand to fix it.” At the risk of sounding heartless, I asked, “Is that the best use of $4000?” She looked at me in horror. “Of course it is!” she exclaimed. “I can’t let him suffer.”

“Do you mind if I offer another point of view?” I asked, testing the patience of a now irate young woman with scissors.”

“Sure,” she said warily.

“If you were to take that $4000 and invest it with a 5% annual return, over 30 years you’d have $64,798.36,” I said looking at the calculator on my phone.

That’s just pure greed,” Deanna said dismissively. “We’re talking about my cat here!”

At that point, I knew I should let it go. After all, you can lead a hair stylist to common sense, but you can’t make her embrace it.

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