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How the Best Decision Makers Avoid Multitasking

In the last post, I explained how multitasking is impossible, referencing the research of those in neuro-science. But I left you with the question, “How do the best decision makers get so much done if they don’t multitask? Over a couple of decades of interviewing and observing them, here’s what I’ve discovered: First, they manage their energy – How much

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The Final Word on Multitasking

The debate about whether multitasking improves performance has been going on for more than a decade. Those on one side, maintain that their ability to do two, three, or even four things at once gives them an edge on the day. Those on the other side, argue that focusing on one task at a time produces a better outcome for

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Warning: Multi-tasking Kills Your Productivity

Be honest – Can you really multi-task? The answer has to be “no.” Here’s why — Multi-tasking is physically impossible! Research has determined that your brain’s working (or short-term) memory can manage as many as five stimuli at a time. But . . . this includes elements such as the temperature in the room, ambient noise, aromas, and other environmental

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Vanquish Multitasking with These Seven Steps

Jackie can answer customer calls, complete reports, text her kids and keep her eye on Facebook all at once. She may seem a bit scattered at times, but prides herself on efficiency. She also thinks people who can only focus on one task are squandering time. Elaine is one of those people. Rather balancing five activities at the same time,

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