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Five Simple Strategies for Battling Decision Fatigue

With the advent of mobile technology, it has become easy to feel tied to the workplace at all times. Do you clear e-mail waiting for dinner to arrive? Do people ask you to stop texting during the movie? Is everyone passing you on the road because you find it tough to focus on a customer call and drive at the

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Are the Sunday Scaries Contributing to Your Decision Fatigue?

Imagine sitting in front of the football game on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying a beer. You’re looking forward to a peaceful evening before returning to Monday’s pace. Then you get a text from your boss, outlining three “quick” tasks she wants you to complete before the morning meeting. All of a sudden, the remainder of your peaceful weekend has vanished.

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Fill Out Your Own Forms First!

Have you ever become frustrated while completing a form? You might have thought, “What on earth do they mean?” or “I can’t imagine why they need that information,” or “Didn’t they ask that before?” Sadly, too many people fail to place themselves in the position of those who will complete the forms they design. As a result, they alienate customers,

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What Achievers Do to Improve Their Listening

Franklin Roosevelt became convinced that people were so excited to meet him in person that they didn’t pay attention to what he actually said. So, he tried an experiment. As he greeted people during a White House reception, he smiled and told each of them quietly, “I murdered my grandmother yesterday afternoon.” As he suspected, everyone in line responded with

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