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Getting to Neutral

“Often, I lie in wait in meetings, like a hunter looking for his prey, ready to spring out at the first moment of silence. My gun is loaded with preestablished thoughts. I take aim and fire, the context irrelevant, my bullet and its release are all that matter to me.” William Isaacs, Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together –

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Rehearsal: One of the Essentials to Effective Decision Making

Like most people, I have been known to act without thinking. But there are consequences. As the saying goes, good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. What the best decision makers discover over time is that there is an essential collection of strategies enabling us to act with more clarity and confidence, resulting in better outcomes. One

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The Final Word on Multitasking

The debate about whether multitasking improves performance has been going on for more than a decade. Those on one side, maintain that their ability to do two, three, or even four things at once gives them an edge on the day. Those on the other side, argue that focusing on one task at a time produces a better outcome for

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Do You Really Trust Your People to Make Good Decisions?

The former owner of an automobile dealership told me recently that he initiated a $750 “customer spend” for his organization. When I expressed curiosity, he went on to explain that he authorized everyone in the firm to spend as much as $750 to make sure a customer was happy if an issue arose. This could range from the receptionist buying

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This is What You Do to Filter Daily Decisions

We can strategize all day about how to make the best decisions. But when there are too many on the plate it’s only natural to just make a decision, any decision, and move on. That may be fine for routine issues. Not so for the bigger problems and projects. What you have to do is make decisions about the decisions

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